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Our stock is often changing, but below are some screen shots from Facebook so you can see what is available…

Long Lines – 5m

Better than your average long line, with fleece handle for comfort PLUS a built in poo bag dispenser! Teach your dog a recall the safe and reliable way! Stop using those dangerous retractable leads – they can lacerate legs/fingers/arms, if they snap they may flick back into you or the dog, plus they teach dogs that… Continue reading Long Lines – 5m

Head Halters

**HELPS STOP DOGS PULLING ON LEAD** Stop dogs pulling on the lead with these fantastic non harming head halters. Made with coloured fleece around the nose for extra comfort and style. These are not a muzzle! They do not stop dogs biting, they stop them pulling, and are amazing! You are welcome to try one… Continue reading Head Halters